Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 Promises Every Special Educator Should Make To Their Students’ Parent

"If you let someone else set your standard, whether it's physical appearance, academic achievement or economic success, then you will never be content with who you are. Your purpose should be to set your own standard, not to catch up or to beat out somebody else."  ~ Elaine R. Jones, former president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Edu-cation Fund and the first African-American woman to enroll in the UVA School of Law.

10 Promises Every Special Educator Should Make To Their Students’ Parent
April 23, 2012 By Tim Villegas

1. I promise to stop calling parents who have high expectations and advocate for their children “high maintenance” and I will equally try to discourage the term “high profile” if due process is involved.

 2. I promise to presume competence (always assume that your child can learn and is interested in learning) even if they are unable to communicate to me what they know (yet!)

3. I promise to never use the “R” word and to speak up against it when I hear it used in private or public.

 4. I promise to ask your input on the educational goals for your child BEFORE the IEP meeting and realize that without your collaboration we have no team.

 5. I promise to remember that YOU were your child’s first teacher and YOU are an expert on your child…not me.

 6. I promise to stop using “what is he/she going to get out of this?” or “they’re not ready” as an excuse for not including your child in general education.

 7. I promise to never assume I know what goes on at your home or blame your child’s challenging behavior at school because of your parenting skills.

 8. I promise to Always Be Communicating (ABC) with you about your child (especially the positive things).

9. I promise to keep an open mind and realize that what works with one child does not necessarily work with every child.

10. I promise to always have high expectations for your child and never give up on them…or you.

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